5 Tips To Build Your Marketing Team Using Data

5 Tips To Build Your Marketing Team Using Data

Data is the Oil of the Future that will Fuel Organizations’ Hiring Needs

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.  A marketing team plays an important role in the growth and functioning of a company. Hence they make one of the most valuable human asset additions to the company.  

Data is the Oil of the Future that will Fuel Organizations’ Hiring Needs. Use data to make your hiring process 100 times more targeted and effective. Use the Power of Big data for Strategic and Cost Effective Recruitment Techniques.

Below are a couple of important considerations when thinking about your team.

  • Outsource. Should you outsource or try to do it yourself? Unless you have a decade of marketing expertise, you’re probably best using experts to grow your business. Even if you are experienced at marketing, when you outsource, you can ensure that your ideas get executed and you are not diverting precious time and resources trying to learn how to get things done.
  • Content and Creative. Today, every company is a radio station, a TV station, a newspaper…. We are all content producers. If your content is good, you do not need to pay as much to get leads in the door. But one of the hardest things in marketing is determining who will lead content and creative.
  • Passion. Do you love marketing? If you love marketing, then find what you’re great at and do it. If your strength is really making your clients happy and getting referrals, then trust others to lead your marketing strategy.
  • Focus. Ensure that you double down on winning strategies. If Search Engine Marketing works for you, and your landing pages convert at 100% higher, it would make sense to double your lead flow. Focusing on SEM in this case makes more sense than trying other methods.
  • Accountability. Do not put people on the team who cannot get things done. Even if they have the skills or desire, if you cannot assign them tasks and expect those to be completed on time, it’s best to find someone else to play that role. Marketing is not magic. It’s about the ability to move fast to get tests done and reporting on your tests.

Your Marketing Team

Below are the key marketing functions we think an MSP or IT Services Provider should think through in their organization.

Attracting the top industry talent can be hard but with data ensure your employer brand attracts top talent. We will help you devise a multi-platform, tailor-made strategy to establish and amplify your employer brand.

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