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Use Data To Land Your Dream Employees

Data is the Oil of the Future that will Fuel Organizations’ Hiring Needs

Hiring is a big challenge for any organization. A decade ago, hiring meant putting out an ad in the newspaper, Craigslist, or even radio and then just waiting for the applications to start rolling in. Today, market leaders like Google are using the power of data to make each choice, from resume shortlisting to screening processes to choosing what perks and employee benefits to offer.

Google now gets over 3 million job applications per year and only pays its engineers an average of $112,849 per year which is less than the average in San Jose area. So, how can your company be more like Google?

“All people decisions at Google are based on data and analytics.”
People Analytics Team, Google
THE Revcloud Solution

Each Bad Hire is Expensive

According to a CareerBuilder survey, companies lose an average of $14,900 on every bad hire, and it’s a common mistake — nearly three in four employers (74 percent) say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position.

Bad hiring decisions lead to high attrition, and the company has to undergo the entire cycle of spending resources to look for replacements all over again. Most companies are unable to solve this problem as they don’t know the qualities to look for in potential candidates to ensure a good fit.

Use Data to Identify the Right Candidate

The key is to build look-alike profiles based on your top employees. At Revcloud, we can help you analyze information from your database, social networks and open data. This ensures you understand the applicant pool holistically. We can then provide a rating to each candidate, which can help the HR manager make comparative decisions faster. We also use AI to remove bias from your hiring process and help you achieve your Diversity and Inclusion goals. Once you know your target candidates, we can then help you develop your own candidate relationship database.

"The cost of assessing a candidate is $3, which is a dozen times lower than the cost of a traditional hiring procedure"

Ready to revolutionize your company’s hiring with data?

Build Audiences and Use Targeted Marketing to Reach them

We help you use data to build your employer brand in a specific niche, hire for hard-to-fill positions, increase applicant quality and decrease cost per hire. This can be achieved in a number of ways. By finding the best platforms to advertise your jobs. Or creating digital ad campaigns and getting them in front of your idea candidate pool through Multi-channel audience marketing. Or hosting regional events with speakers and topics that your target audience truly cares about. And we can help you with each of these by harnessing the power of data!

Use the Power of Strategic and Cost Effective Recruitment Techniques

Use Relationship Mapping to reach your dream candidates. Build Referral programs that work. Ensure top notch Candidate Experience Quality with streamlined, fast and bias-free screening processes. Build your own proprietary employee ratings algorithms. Measure the ROI of your recruitment strategy effectively by identifying the KPIs that work best for you.

“When we piloted AI for candidate attraction we saw a big increase in candidates applying for jobs at IBM, and there was greater stickiness.”
Joanna Daly
VP Talent, IBM
WHy revcloud?

Transform your Hiring with Data

Data Based Decision Making

We help our clients glean and process data from multiple sources and extract meaningful insights to help build their organizations.

Cost Effective

The global and remote teams at Revcloud help companies reduce costs as well as improve the quality of candidates and quantity of applications.

AI Capabilities

We help companies use AI and their team’s deep knowledge to design an effective candidate selection process that is quick and free from bias.

Improve Quality & Quantity of your Applicant Pool and Reduce Hiring Costs