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Use Data to Ensure Your Employer Brand Attracts Top Talent

Transform your Employer Brand with the Power of Data

Hiring was a simple process until a couple of decades ago. Whether one was looking for a technician or a high level business leader, the process remained the same. Today, there are more than 20 job boards for every niche of the job market. An IT personnel’s job search looks completely different from a remote graphic designer’s and altogether different from a C-suite leader.

As is common knowledge, the world is being taken over by data science and data based problem solving. Every aspect of business and in-fact the world around us, is being seen through the lens of data. And hiring is no different. The day is not far when the HR managers of today will be completely replaced by data officers working closely with marketing executives to fulfill an organization’s hiring needs.

"49% of 10,000 recent job changers said the biggest obstacle in the job search was not knowing what working for an organization might actually be like "

The Revcloud Solution

Companies Need To Be Ready To Ride The Data Wave

At Revcloud, we help our clients build their employer brands by devising an end-to-end, data backed hiring and marketing strategy. We help them learn effectively about the market, build their dream candidate list and effectively go after potential employees. In the ever evolving times of today when the competition is growing multi-fold every second, it is not just enough to meet your quarterly recruiting goals. 

Companies need to stand out from the competition, have a strong presence and recall on social media. They need to capture the attention of the best and strategically build a lasting impression every step of the way, from the initial reachout to the screening rounds all the way to making an offer. In-fact they need data based solutions long after an employee is hired, to ensure his performance is effectively assessed and the company is able to retain him/her in the long-run

Robust and customized Brand Building Strategy

We help you devise a multi-platform, tailor-made strategy to help you establish and amplify your employer brand. We leverage everything from company website, social media channels, application process to recruiting content to tell a compelling and cohesive story about your employer brand.

We help you use market research to reach a larger and more targeted audience. Additionally, we help you identify brand advocates and create marketing collateral depicting their faith in the company. This carefully crafted content can then be used to gain more popularity in the job market.

“Candidates trust the company's employees 3x more than the company to provide credible information on what it's like to work there "

Ready to transform your Employer Brand with data?

End-to-End Human Capital Solutions

Leverage data to find, hire and manage great talent. We help you right from sourcing your ideal candidates to ranking them in order of preference to reaching out to them, hiring, on-boarding, all the way to retaining them in the long run. 

And as our methods are data based, our success rate at each stage is impressively high.

Assess ROI and Exercise Budget Control

At Revcloud, we believe in quantifying everything. This means you can assess your hiring initiatives and course-correct as required. Use data to measure an array of KPIs including cost per hire, time to hire, candidate experience scores, job offer acceptance rates etc to gauge how you fare as a recruiter and what are the pain points that need to be dealt with. 

We also help you track the financial impact of each branding initiative in terms of the cost incurred Vs returns produced. You can also devise mechanisms to benchmark your brand against other players in the market and to continually assess and improve your performance. 

“The average cost of one bad hire is nearly $15,000; average cost of losing a good hire is nearly $30,000 "
WHy revcloud?

Transform your Employer Brand with Data

Data based Brand Building

We work with 4 member startups as well organizations that hire 4 people a month. No matter where you are on your company lifecycle, we can help you build your Employer brand effectively.

Budget Control

Our experienced global as well as local team members working in a fully remote set-up help companies reduce costs drastically without having to compromise on quality.

Agile Decision Making

Since we believe in quantifying everything, we help you identify and monitor KPIs on each of your hiring and marketing initiatives. This facilitates quick decisions and course-corrections.

Build Your Employer Brand & Hire Your Dream Candidates