Use Data to Grow Your MSP Business

Most MSPs have built their business one referral at a time and have found that traditional marketing strategies do not work or take too much time to implement. Revcloud specializes in helping MSPs use data science to analyze their potential prospects and build based on actual historical data from various growth strategies that MSPs have used to grow.  

Our datasets include over 2.5 billion data points including all of the companies in your target market, all decision makers and information about who they are hiring and needs they have.

We also have historic performance data on over 275 growth projects for MSP clients, everything from search engine optimization, cold email marketing, Facebook and Instagram, local events, customer appreciation referral events, to eBook downloads and even phone based warm follow up on people who connect with you via LinkedIn. We analyze your business  performance data on over 13 marketing strategies (we call them playbooks) and can customize a plan that works for you and your budget.  All you have to do is create an account and we will send you a customized budget, marketing plan and list of playbooks that work for your MSP business.

How Can Data Science Help My Business Grow?

The most successful companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook have one thing in common — they use Data Science to grow their business. Now, you can too. Imagine if you could access a database of all of the people in your target market, analyze their website to find the companies that are the best for you, then analyze those business owners to find people that were connected to you (we call that relationship mapping) or where you had a mutual connection. Imagine how easy it would be to get meetings? Armed with that data, there’s over a dozen marketing playbooks you can execute, everything from  building a low cost but high quality video brand campaign or generating leads using an eBook downloadable authored by a top rated Revcloud partner creative and content teams.

This is the power of data and what Revcloud exists to help you find the right growth strategies, high quality but low cost creative teams, and all at a budget that you can afford and with less than 9 minutes of your time required per day.

Building Your Database

We use customer database marketing to help your company understand how customers want to be marketed to, we apply insights gathered to fulfill customer needs through the best channels to reach them.

How It Works

The most common mistake small businesses make is spending too much on marketing and not running enough campaigns or growth tests.   And marketing agencies cost far too much to run a large number of growth strategies — often $100 an hour.

At Revcloud, we recommend a hybrid model where you take a high value US based Chief Marketing Officer and ask them to manage strategy and content and creative then you have a global team of resources that are expert in their specific domain and they manage the channels (like email, SEO, SEM, social, or events).   On average our clients spend $13 – $21 per hour and they work weekly with a US Based CMO — someone who might cost $250,000 annually dedicated to their business.

Everything at Revcloud is “done for you” meaning that you will meet once a week with your team of 3-6 people then dedicate approve the sprint for the week and the team goes out and executes on the sprint according to your plan.

Each team consists of a US CMO, global channel specialists, and then a data science and data engineering team to manage your data needs and complete and design projects.

Technology Partners

Google Cloud
Google Cloud
MSP RESources

Playbooks With Performance Data for the MSP Industry

Below are playbooks or growth strategies that we have deployed in the MSP Industry.   Create an account and we will deliver you a custom recommendation set and match you to playbooks and content and creative partners that the data says are best suited to help you grow your business.

WHy revcloud?

We Are Ready To Help Your MSP Business Achieve Stratospheric Success As Your Trusted Strategic MSP Marketing Company

High Quality Data

We understand the role quality data plays in the success of your marketing strategies. We have thousands of rows of data on every buyer profile that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

Cost Efficient

We work hand-in-hand with leading data vendors to get the best data for your needs. We also buy in bulk and this helps us to get you the best data at an optimal price point.

Agile Decision Making

Irrespective of what your needs are, for any kind of data (promotional or anything else), Revcloud can help in the quick and precise collection of data, giving room for agile decision making.

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