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Use Data To Find Connections That Trigger Higher Marketing Response Rates

Using Data for Relationship Mapping gives you the strategic advantage needed to close more deals

Data gives you the leverage of mapping key relationships to executives, decision makers and influencers for a strategic approach to closing more deals. Targeting the top 5% C-Level executives of large companies can be entirely impossible why? They are unlikely to be active on social media and usually always busy to react to marketing.

So reaching high powered executives using traditional marketing won't cut it, if you are lucky enough your response rates will be 50% to 80% lower on such prospects

“You cannot buy Engagement, you have to build Engagement.”
Tara Nicholle Nelson
THE Revcloud Solution

The Top 5% C-Level Execs are not connecting on Social Media

Here’s what we discovered, if you write personalized letters or emails with deep relationship mapping you will improve your response rate by 80%. A client of ours was selling to CIOs who do not make decisions based on whitepapers or marketing documents, but rather based on recommendations of other CIOs, after some research, we uncovered 30% of the CIOs in the fortune 500 as customers they wanted to reach.

So they engaged us to map these relationships to identify which of their current customer CIOs knew their target prospect and we were able to find relationships between their own target CIO that were valuable that allowed them to reach their target CIO group at a much higher rate

It turned out that several of the C suites did not know that many of their closest friends and connection had changed jobs and were running large companies, they also didnt know that many of their friends had relationships to other CIOs of highly valuable prospect and when they realized this, it was interesting enough to know that the vast relationship network they had was not from a social media platform

Map Relationships That Drive Higher Response Rates

If you receive a marketing message from someone you have something in common with, you are more likely to respond right? So when you have a campaign where you can reference someone you have in common, you will drive higher response rates

Break communication barriers when it comes to cold calling, emailing or other campaigns that involves direct response by mapping out connections using commonalities like work history, education, social events etc

"Don't Build Links, Build Relationships"
Rand Fishkin

Ready to drive higher response rates using relationship mapping with data?

Use Relationshp Mapping To Get Referrals From Your Existing Customers

Getting through to prospects isn’t just enough, you can also  generate high quality leads through referrals by leveraging your existing customers relationships.

Your best leads comes from referrals from your existing customers and their relationships are your best prospects, but without a relationship mapping process, you won’t get your desired referral because you won’t be able to figure out which customer connection you want them to help you with.

The solution! You need a process for analyzing and working with your customers to get those referrals

Use Employees Relationship Mapping To Build A Valuable Business Asset

For every 10 employees we do relationship mapping for, we will find up to 10,000 relationships to analyze and direct social media connections are often 10% of the overall analysis. So in order to effectively analyze tens of thousands of relationships, you need a process or system that allows you collect feedback, rank your relationships and finally create actionable plans you can use in an email, phone calling or multi channel marketing campaign

“In the network economy, success is self-reinforcing: it obeys the law of increasing returns.”
Kevin Kelly
WHy revcloud?

Transform your Relationship Mapping with Data

Data Based Mapping

Our software is designed to generate as many potential relationships as possible, we look for relationships that exist inside social media but also outside social media

Robust System

Our software generates a lots of relationship, but there needs to be a feedback system that organizes those information into executable action plans you can use

Predictive Model

If you are calling someone who is a prospect you need to be sure about the relationship whereas for cold email you may not need the same level of relationship

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