Investment & Site Selection

Use Data to Find The Best Locations for your Business & Real Estate

Make Smart Choices When Selecting The Right Business Location or Real Estate Using Data

Big Data is radically transforming entire industries, selecting the right location for your new retail store or business with the least competition and most prospects are problems which can be fixed using data to build look alike models to identify the best choices for smart decision making

“Even in a bad market, location, location, location is a way to still buy and sell property.”
Vanilla Ice
THE Revcloud Solution

Get Deep Marketing Insights Using Location Data & Profiling

If you have a retail store and one location is very successful and another is not, you can use data to analyze your customers at each location and build out personas to categorize your customers into segments and find out why one location is outperforming the other and then ensure that your next location is surrounded by the people who are your best customers

Or if you are in real estate and you need to predict what a neighborhood will look like in 5-10 years, Revcloud can help you identify the local companies, their growth rates, and help you predict how that neighborhood will change over time.  You might find that those small companies down the street are growing at 300% annually and will soon transform your neighborhood. 

By using Revcloud’s data science teams, you can be the first to identify and predict real estate trends that no one else is aware of.

Use Data to Create Look-Alike Models For Your Marketing Campaigns

Every business needs a growth strategy to achieve success and also a sustainable strategy is important, but the big question is how do you identify those target groups of new customers for your new retail or business location

Find customers who look and act just like your target audiences, identify some of their key characteristics and find customers who are similar to your target customers

"Bulk of sales in the U.S. still take place in the physical world. In the first quarter of 2015, 14.7 percent of retail sales took place online — the highest share ever. But the remaining 85.3 percent took place in brick-and-mortar retail stores"

Ready to find your next profitable business location or real estate using data?

Create Personas For Your Business & Identify Your Most Profitable Personas By Location

With the advancement of smart phone technologies and an increasing amount of time people spend outdoors mostly due to longer communtes, data has created the ability to identify anonymous movements about where people go.

Location data offers rich insights, in the past we have been limited to traffic data and census data to make decisions. Now we have access to data and systems that can help create location based profitable buyer personas

Predict The Future Value of Companies & Neighborhoods To Make Smart Investment Choices

Predicting how the companies in a neighborhood will change over the next 5-20 years is a good way of  identifying needs that will arise in the neighborhood or real estate opportunities. This is a good investment appraisal tool for smart business people or entrepreneurs to have at their disposal. Likewise predicting the future value of a neighborhood based on the companies in the area is a real estate firm’s haven of opportunities and exploits.

“Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there.”
William Penn Adair
WHy revcloud?

Transform your Investment & Site Selection with Data

Harness Proprietary Data

We use Aggregation modeling to help take advantage of the customer data you have and build off on your past successful conversions

Grow Your Reach

We use Analytics to expand your reach to find new customers and opportunities that traditional research and marketing cannot offer

Increase Your Conversions

We use predictive models to increase your conversions by targeting prospects who resemble your customers, this boosts conversions

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