Use Data To Keep The Cost Of Your Events Under Control & To Ensure The Right People Attend

Data Can Have A Major Positive Impact On The Success of Your Events

Use Data Science & Global Team Efforts to organize events that enjoy higher response rates at a fraction of the industry average cost Events offers the best opportunity for your company to build relationships that translate in the real world and that are ultimately your companies most valuable asset.

For many companies, especially B2B companies, events are one of the most cost effective and beneficial growth strategies as it helps fuel brand awareness and engagement.

“55% of B2B organizations spend over 21% of their marketing budgets on events.”
Bizzabo 2018

The Revcloud Solution

Use Data to Predict the Attendance of Your Events & Build a Financial Model to Help You Define ROI

Marketing B2B events effectively starts with building a model that uses that past history of all of our events to predict the outcome of your event. We look at the average response rates that we have seen historically and then make sure we invite the right amount of people. 

Too often, we see companies focus too narrowly and end up with underwhelming events, simply because they started with the wrong models. Want to know how well your existing customers will respond to an event or how well the CIO or CEO of a Global 2000 company will respond to your invitation?

Ask Revcloud, we have run enough campaigns to be able

Use Data to Build Your Invitation List & Attract New Prospects To Events

We focus on right job titles, from right industry, total number of people and according to your needs, we can add in hundreds or thousands of additional data points to predict which prospects are the best to target and which will respond.  We can help you plan an Industry mega-event like “DreamForce” and get the entire industry to want to attend. 

If your company is ready for a major event and you want to be the headline in your industry, then you need a partner that understands events and can ensure that you have every potential prospect in your database and that they are aware of the event. 

RevCloud provides you with the resources to ensure your event gets maximum exposure and that you leverage every potential strategy to get the right people to sponsor and attend events.

"68% of B2B marketers agree that live events help generate the most leads, while case studies help convert and accelerate the most leads"
Marketing Charts

Ready to transform your Events with data?

Ever Had Someone RSVP Yes To Your Event But Not Show Up?

We assign our global event team members to manage the RSVP process and our unique process results in 25% to 40% more prospects that actually show up. Chances are you’ve been invited to an event or, god forbid, you’ve run one before. 

You know the challenges of managing a free or paid event – making sure the invitations go out, ensuring that people get the invite, making sure they have it on their calendar, researching calendars to ensure your dates are open, email confirmations, phone call verifications. 

The difference between a well run RSVP process and a poorly run one is the difference between 25% of your “Yes” RSVPs showing up and 90% showing up. By leveraging a global team that has done it before, you save time and money as compared to other event management firms

Leverage Data to Keep Your Costs & Risks Low

We are believers in keeping things simple.  We love showing a client of ours how they can launch their first event with as little as one hour of planning and budgets of $1000 or less.   By starting small, you give yourself a chance to learn, improve, and grow without feeling like you too a huge financial or reputational risk

"75% of companies with event budgets between $50-100 million say they expect an ROI of more than 5:1 for live event and experiential programs"
EMI & Mosaic 2016
WHy revcloud?

Transform Your Events With Data

Event Outreach System

We provide a proprietary system based on heavy relationship mapping and in-depth customer research coupled with multi-platform reachout to prospects to achieve maximum attendance.

US Based CMO & Global Team

Our team comprises a highly experienced U.S. based CMO working with a global pool of talented resources to provide you with higher value and at a fraction of the cost of an inhouse team.

Stakeholder Prospecting Skills

Revcloud specializes in building target lists of prospective speakers and sponsors and helps ensure they know about the opportunity to play a role in your next incredible event.

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