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Optimized Email Campaigns Play a Key Role in Driving Leads and Building Better Customer Relationships

Email marketing is the single most powerful channel that businesses use to connect with their target audience. However, for your email marketing efforts to yield the right results, you need to segment your audiences by their industry, persona and stages in their lifecycles.

RevCloud can help you build a segmented database to your customer’s buyer profiles and tailor compelling content that will align with the needs of your targeted audience.

“91% of consumers like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with.”
Marketing Sherpa

Poor Quality Data Is Expensive

Low quality data can lead to SPAM issues affecting your email deliverability and email marketing results. You need to ensure that your emails are hitting your subscribers’ inboxes since that’s the only way they can engage with your content.

RevCloud can help improve your email deliverability by reducing or completely getting rid of elements that hurt email deliverability. We’ll help ensure the validity of your email addresses and ensure that your email lists are cleaned regularly. This will reduce the amount that you spend on email validation while also maximizing the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

According to Campaign Monitor, “You can expect up to 760% increase in revenue generation by segmenting your email campaigns.”

RevCloud has the technology and expertise needed to intelligently segment your audience by industry, persona, and stages in the customer lifecycle to help increase ROI.

“$3.1 trillion is the yearly cost of poor quality data in the US alone in 2016.”

Ready to transform your organization with data?

Performance, Offers, and Engagement

Analyzing the email sent to ensure optimal engagement goes beyond data. It also encompasses your content and email design so that they can align with your customers’ expectation and the stage of sales cycle they are in.

RevCloud can help you boost the performance and engagement of your email marketing campaigns by increasing open rates, creating a solid creative, and QA process.

Lead Nurture Programs

With an influx of high targeted leads coming to your brand, lead nurturing program should take the front row in converting leads to customers.

RevCloud can help you achieve this by crafting unique and highly engaging email content that is relevant to your leads’ stage in the buyers journey.

“Segmented emails have a 14.32% higher open rate than non-segmented emails and click-through rates are 100.95% more for segmented campaigns.”

SPAM Reduction

Recent studies show that spam costs businesses about $20.5 billion every year due to reduced productivity and technical expenses. 

Due to RevCloud’s expertise in SPAM algorithms, we know those keywords that trigger the spam folder and can help get rid of these keywords from your email contents. We can prevent your domain and emails from getting blacklisted by ensuring that your emails are compliant. We can also help to test your messages to ensure that they in-box before you send them to your recipients.

“45% of all emails sent are considered spam.”
Spam Laws

Reporting and Analytics

RevCloud can help measure your email marketing results and extract actionable insights from your performance data. Through our reporting and analytics service, you’ll be able to know what to measure and how to set goals. These will help you track your progress and build a repeatable analytics process that will help to improve your email marketing strategy.

“By measuring the performance of your email marketing, you can see how it compares to other channels and better prioritize your time and efforts to drive maximum results.”
Campaign Monitor
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Transform your Organization with Data

Reliable Insights

Revcloud provides access to email analytics which can be used to track engagement metrics such as open-rates and click-through rates. This helps monitor email-campaigns effectively.

Customized Solutions

RevCloud understands that your needs are unique. Thus, our email marketing solutions are not only flexible but also scalable to align with your specific needs and expectations.

Optimized Delivery

Our email compliant technology and spam reduction expertise will ensure that your messages are delivered successfully and without tampering with your sender reputation.

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