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Today, would you be surprised to know that some of the biggest spenders on display advertising are Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Microsoft, General Motors etc? These companies spend billions of dollars annually on marketing and a huge sum of it is invested in display advertising.

That tells you how powerful display ad is in building and maintaining a brand because people are visual by nature and what they see constantly becomes part of their subconscious mind RevCloud allows you to use the power of Display & Brand Building to create the perception you want for your brand in the minds of your customers

"89% of marketers claim building brand awareness is their top goal"
Tech Jury

The Revcloud Solution

Use Data For Brand Building Through Display

Would you purchase something from a brand you know nothing about? Definitely no, according to Techjury, 89% of marketers claim building brand awareness is their top goal. Your buying decision journey starts from the time you are exposed to a brand to the time you consider buying and finally when you buy there are processes in between.

Your journey involves getting a perception about a given brand, price, alternatives etc. This is where display and brand building comes in. The pipeline communication channel between you and the brand

Use Data To Build Your Brand Cost effectively

Building a Brand in the time past used to be very expensive, how successful your brand could be depended on your marketing budget most of the time, that’s why you have huge companies like Coca Cola spending billions of dollars in ad budget.
But today with Data, you stand a chance. How you may ask?

Data helps you identify your target audience holistically (demographics, behaviour etc) and to gain insight into what they truly want as customers. Additionally, you can strategically choose the right time slots, impactful channels and the most effective messaging to reach your audience by harnessing the power of data.

"75% of companies see increased engagement when they use data-driven marketing"

Ready to transform your Brand through Display with data?

Leverage Data to Bridge The Gap Between Display & Branding

Understanding the link between display and brand building will further reinforce your knowledge of why you should consider it

To Build A Brand
You need to create awareness by informing & educating your target audience about your existence. The very best way to kickstart that is with display ads, the more visibility you create, the better the recall rate of your brand, furthermore the long lasting effect of creating awareness goes beyond just online advertising, it can also influence offline purchases as well.

To Increase Sales
“Steady brand promotion leads to a 23% increase in revenue”
A typical combination of Search and Display campaigns gets 22% higher conversions compared to search only campaigns, although it has been reported that search ads have high conversion rates

But the logic of pairing Search ads with Display ads is this, we almost certainly feel reassured to buy from a brand that we already have seen or heard before and display ads help you with the process of creating millions of impressions (eyeballs) on a small budget

Run Quantifiable Brand Campaigns With Data

Another aspect that Data can greatly help with, is rigorous quantification and in turn effective planning. This means you can start with an in-depth market sizing exercise, make precise budgets, track your audience frequency reach and measure the ROI of each marketing initiative. 

This continuous tracking system on each step of the way allows for quick course-correction and facilitates faster and more cost-effective brand building.

"One in six brand marketers stated that “data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual” was “the single most exciting opportunity” for their organisation"
WHy revcloud?

Transform Your Brand Through Display With Data

Cost Effective Global Team

We specialize in providing an on demand Global Team of dedicated experts in their various fields which is 60-75% cost effective than hiring a brand agency.

Data Science Approach

We help you glean and process data from multiple sources to help you understand and reach your audience effectively and build a brand to grow your business.

Advanced Strategy & Execution

At RevCloud, we have perfected the art of executing multi-channel campaigns, reputation enhancement & review building programs.

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