Competitor Comparison

Use Data To Gain The Competitive Advantage Needed To Dominate Your Industry

Data Gives You The Unfair Advantage Needed To Determine Growth & Success Strategies

Ever wondered why your company isn't growing at the same rate as those of your competition? Or have you ever thought to yourself, who is the fastest growing company in your niche and what's the secret to their success?

Now more than ever before, the chances of success is almost down to a science using Data, with the use of tools & concepts like Aggregation, Analytics and Predictive Models you can almost certainly guarantee your business growth and success

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete”
Jack Welch
THE Revcloud Solution

Tap Into a Pool Of Global Data Scientists & Engineers to Gain Unfair Advantage

Yes, you may be able to obtain Data, but you need a team of global data scientists & engineers to help you make the best use of the information through, aggregation, analytics and predictive modelling. Whats best? At an affordable cost compared to the industry standard to ensure sustainable growth & revenue

At RevCloud, we use data and research to analyze and discover your competitors marketing strategies, estimate how many leads they get from their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts and compare them to your company to help develop strategies you can use. Furthermore we also look at your competitors reviews on well known review websites to predict how impactful their social proof is on conversion rates as compared to your company

Use Data To Improve Your Company Sales Process & Strategies

How is my company’s sales process compared to the fastest growing companies? what strategies should i change or adopt? These are important questions that can help improve your sales process and help you build strategies

How would you like to know how the top successful companies in your space are selling? Get insights on your competitors sales process, learn what they are lacking and improve on it by using it as a unique selling focus for your business

At RevCloud, we aggregate & analyze your competitor’s sales processes and sales scripts to find weaknesses in your sales efforts. Maybe they use a different approach or emphasize different selling points? Or maybe they have a superior call center experience or contact you more often or maybe their pricing model is superior.

"An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage"
Jack Welch

Ready to gain unfair competitive advantage using Data?

Determine the Optimal Marketing Capital Needed to Grow your Company using Data

One of the biggest challenges in runing marketing campaigns is in figuring out budgets, wouldn’t it be easy to just get an insight of how much top companies in your space are spending on their marketing campaigns to help you make accurate and informed decisions?

At RevCloud we use Data aggregation & analytics, to identify capital that has been deployed into your competitors businesses to see how that impacts your companies growth. Gaining first hand information can help you solve the biggest problem of guessing how much is really needed to help your company grow at the rate you want it to.

Build a Success Driven Workforce using Data

The most valuable asset in any company is it’s human resource, not the buildings, cash-flow, machinery, tools or even intellectual property. Even a company’s goodwill is driven by the quality of it’s workforce. Ideally, having a well structured system and team management is the key link to success because people make things work, a tool cannot use itself, it has to be programmed to perform, projects cannot run and manage themselves without human input, even the most sophisticated

We analyze organisational structures and find out how top performing competitors and their teams compare to yours, we can identify the skills their team members have, estimate their salaries, experience, longevity and educational background to help you compare your talent bank to those of your competitors

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow”
Rupert Murdoch

Use Data to Discover Hidden Gems in your Market to Drive Growth

To grow your business, you need to study and analyze your market to find gaps you can capitalize on, so running a market analysis often helps identify growth, Quite often we find that growth is usually a byproduct of the market you are in, your business may simply need to enter a bigger and faster growing market. Often times we find that you just have too much competition in your marketing and everyone is suffering, so many be the best approach is to reduce expenses while competition demolish each other then grow once the market stabilizes

WHy revcloud?

Transform your Company Using Data

Data Aggregation

We compile data on every imaginable criteria to help turbocharge your campaigns

Data Analytics

We use aggregated data to determine & create business strategies and marketing plans

Predictive Modeling

We use aggregated data and analytics to create models for optimized business decisions

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