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Data is the New Digital Marketing Currency That Drives Growth and Conversions

Nowadays, data plays a key role in running effective marketing activities of every corporate organization. However, it is expensive to collect and verify new databases. Here’s where Revcloud comes in. Revcloud provides a cost-effective means of acquiring customer database. Through consultation about your targeted database, we can come up with the right sourcing channels that will yield the highest rate of data acquisition.

“Businesses lose as much as 20% of revenue due to poor quality data.”
THE Revcloud Solution

Bad Data Is Expensive

Companies rely on data and digital experiences to boost brand awareness and increase revenue. The success of an organization’s demand efforts depends on its data, yet “49 percent of organizations state they are not confident in the quality of their sales and marketing data”. According to DiscoverOrg, “sales and marketing departments lose about 550 hours and as much as $32,000 per sales rep” due to bad data.

As a global data mining company, Revcloud is fully adept at data science and how it can be used to help your company to achieve superior profitability and growth. We achieve this by performing the following tasks:

Database Acquisition

Data acquisition is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Employees waste about 50% of their time on mundane data quality tasks. 

Revcloud helps companies manage the processes of acquiring data, building out their databases and making it ready for use. We also test the data for further optimization of customer profiles with the aim of maximizing engagement and boosting campaign performance.

“91 percent of C-level executives believe that preparing data for insight ultimately costs their business in terms of resources and efficiency."
Experian Information Solutions

Ready to transform your organization with data?

Customer Profiles with Infinite Data

Most companies do not have all the buyers of their products in a database. Also, most companies are unable to use their customers’ database for effective segmentation purpose.

Revcloud can help you overcome this challenge by using its huge data resource of buyer profile to help you build customer profile that will improve customer segmentation and targeting for more effective marketing campaigns.

Effective Utilization of Data

In order to achieve success in business today, you need to go beyond selling products and services- you must build and nurture positive relationships with your customers. This can only be achieved by the effective utilization of the acquired data.

Thanks to technology, Revcloud can help you learn about your customers and their needs so that you can regularly engage with them. We can help you test and implement campaigns that will help you leverage end-to-end marketing and sales growth strategies.

“41% of companies cite that inconsistent data across technologies as their biggest challenge.”
Dun & Bradstreet
WHy revcloud?

Transform your Organization with Data

High Quality Data

We understand the role quality data plays in the success of your marketing strategies. We have thousands of rows of data on every buyer profile that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

Cost Efficient

We work hand-in-hand with leading data vendors to get the best data for your needs. We also buy in bulk and this helps us to get you the best data at an optimal price point.

Agile Decision Making

Irrespective of what your needs are, for any kind of data (promotional or anything else), Revcloud can help in the quick and precise collection of data, giving room for agile decision making.

Get Better Data, Optimize Campaigns & Drive More Revenue