Appointment Setting

Use Data to Set More Appointments and Prospect More Cost Effectively

Transform your Appointment Setting with the Power of Data

Each year, a company loses 14% of its customers and the best companies know that they can’t stop prospecting. But cold calls only have a 2% success rate where inbound inquiries will convert into an appointment over 60% of the time. Yet, we know cold calling can work and in fact, built a $100M in revenue business with this strategy.

"In 2007 it took an average of 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. Today it takes 8 attempts"
TeleNet & Ovation Sales Group

The Revcloud Solution

State-of-the-Art Appointment Setting Strategy

At Revcloud, we spend a lot of time asking how we can help you make your prospecting and appointment setting campaigns more effective? Which vendors can we partner with to use our data skills and their phone skills to deliver top performing outreach strategies.

What if your calling lists were only companies that you knew needed your products? What if your team was able to mention the relationships that you had with the prospect company while on the initial call? What if your team was cold calling using the most effective platforms, techniques and strategies?

Bad Data is a Big Problem in Outbound Phone Campaigns

Companies often waste precious time and money by reaching out to the wrong target market or on out of date contact details. Often, companies are able to acquire access to only entry level contacts and not the decision makers. These Bad Data issues make it extremely difficult to reach potentially high value leads.

At Revcloud, we help you navigate these problems with Custom list building. We help you with a comprehensive profiling of your current and potential customer accounts that are ranked in order of their overall value and likelihood to purchase. The data that is highly accurate and up-to-date and relevant, also offers valuable insights about other services the lead may be interested in, best modes to reach them etc.

“Conversion rates for cold calls are typically about 2%, compared to 20% for solid leads and 50% for referrals"
Charlie Cook, Political Analyst

Ready to transform your Appointment Setting with data?

There is a Need to Warm up your Cold Sales Calls

Given that you need to more than cold-call your prospective clients, Revcloud can work with you to build a map of relationships between your company and your target prospects. We can also help you identify customer intent so you are in a position to offer what your prospects are actually in need of. 

And we help you nurture your old leads so you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities. Moreover, we can help you convert promising leads using Multi-Channel Appointment Setting Streams.

The Wrong People or Vendors are Running Your Outbound Dialing Efforts

In most cases, Sales Teams are high cost and not setup to make 25 dials per hour / 200 dials per day. Even if they hit their daily dialling goals, they lack passion required to convert crucial deals.We help you find reliable Appointment Setting partners and track their performance using effective KPIs and dashboards.

“Only 33% of a sales rep’s time is spent actively selling"
WHy revcloud?

Transform your Appointment Setting with Data

Custom List Building

We help you identify, reach-out and convert leads most important to your business using the power of data.

Cost Control

We use data to help companies set up appointments at higher rates and lower costs than otherwise possible.

Team Structure

Our remote set-up of US and global resources allows us to operate at 50% lower cost compared to US based teams.

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