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Data Sourcing & Quality is at the heart of Aggregation, Analytics & Predictive Modelling

Organizations today are turning to predictive modeling to increase their bottom line and competitive advantage, but the emphasis is on acquiring data from a highly credible source. From a study done by Gartner, it was discovered that 40% of enterprise data is either inaccurate, incomplete, or unavailable, which results in businesses failing to achieve their data-driven goals.

We have helped our clients acquire over 100M records for their data science teams and we can help your company find the best sources of data

“91% of C-level executives believe the responsibility of data quality should ultimately lie within the business with occasional help from IT”
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Bad Data is Undermining Your Data Analytics

Your data models and predictive projects are only as good as your data and often the first party data you have is lacking and needs to be appended. With the rapid increase of Big Data, the Internet of Things and Analytics, the chances of obtaining huge volumes of data quickly is guaranteed, but the current policing methods of most organizations are not high tech enough to minimize the inaccuracies that occur when obtaining this data. The outcome? Poor diagnosis, bad predictions and missed opportunities across all industry sectors.

Maybe you are working on a real estate project and you need to obtain property data on all properties in the United States or perhaps you are doing a look alike marketing project for a multi channel marketing program. Whether it’s B2C or B2B data or Property or Company data, chances are Revcloud teams have worked on similar projects and can help your company acquire high quality data at a low cost.

Save Time & Money Through A Big Data Sourcing Platform

Data Quality is the most important thing and the most time consuming to identify. The process of acquiring data is extremely time consuming. You might spend 100 – 250 hours evaluating the quality of each data source before you can even start negotiating on price.

And running tests is not only time consuming but in some cases, you need to run real live marketing experiments or build machine learning training models to determine the value of a dataset. Chances are, Revcloud team members can help structure and reduce the need or time required to run these tests given our experience in performing these types of experiments.

"40% of business executives make major decisions at least once within 30 days and the data they rely on to make these decisions are rapidly rising at an upward rate of 40% per year"
Price Water Cooper Survey

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Leverage Our Already Built Data Pipelines & Experience

Appending pipelines are a challenge. Often times you need a pipeline of multiple vendors to obtain the data you need and building these pipelines is a challenge. For example, you normally want to start looking for data with the lowest cost provider but then if you do not find it, you may want to look at provider number two then three and so on. 

Building these pipelines and managing the cost of obtaining this data is very time consuming and challenging for all businesses. Revcloud has experience building these pipelines and ensuring that your costs are managed.

Target Profitable Segments Within Your Market

All B2B Marketers fundamentally understand the value of ABM but in practice, few B2B marketers have experts in search, social, native, email and direct mail so they cannot execute across all channels. And in addition, they struggle to build out the data sets that they need. They often have one data providers whose data is shaky at best. 

By building on data that is from multiple sources, ABM programs are successful and by leveraging Revcloud marketing and data science teams, you can execute on the campaigns you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Get Fair Pricing Compared To Industry Standard

Because we have helped acquire over 100M records, we can help you find the best price possible.   Few companies have that much experience.

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